While I was creating the Benjamin Nivison brand I kept coming back to the question of “why?”. Why do I want to create fabric? Why do I want to bring more material goods into a world already saturated to the brim? Through the help and guidance of trusted individuals the answer became clear to me. I want to create stories, particularly textile stories. I became enamoured by the identity textiles played in ancient cultures. I fell in love with the intrinsic power fabrics have to offer. It is my goal to create a brand dedicated to giving fabric an identity, a tangible entity that people can relate to.



This question of identity forms the core of the “Benjamin Nivison” brand. Each thread forms an intrinsic part of the whole. Every nuance of the fabric is key. From sourcing to weaving every process when approached from a holistic perspective offers the textile a greater chance of depth and beauty. Every individual, be it the designer, the farmer or the weaver each share in the responsibility of the final product.


9 Cavendish Lane, Cavendish Street, Claremont, 7708
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